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Bringing the Tech Community together


We host your event, offer you all the logistical support needed, and help you get your message across. And all for free!

Organize your event

What we do

We help you grow your community stronger by offering you our event space, all the support you need in putting together your event, as well as spreading the message in the TechHub Bucharest community. For free. All we ask is to follow these guidelines.


Bring your community to discuss topics of interest in an informal, networking-enhancing setting


Let’s learn together! TechHub Bucharest is the perfect place to host your workshop


We’ve got everything you need to put together a great conference & bring like-minded people


square meters of space




minutes from University Metro

Check Out The Place

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TechSociety by King: Event Registration Form

Join TechSociety to organize your event at TechHub Bucharest and enjoy our full logistical and communication support to put together an exceptional event. All this for free, as long as your event is free for the Bucharest tech community members out there and it’s not sponsored by any company.



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(Event agenda & speakers, technical equipment needed, whether you plan to have catering for your attendees, and any other things you consider relevant)

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Contact us

Any questions? Drop us a line at

Find us at: 39-41 Nicolae Filipescu Street, District 2, Bucharest, Romania

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Tech Society by King
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